Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you went to Starbucks during the holidays, you may have received a Pass It On card. On it, they said a customer in a drive-thru in Riverside, CA paid for the drink of the customer behind him, which led to several dozen customers following suit. That little event happened to take place at my regular Starbucks! That domino-effect of kindness occurred shortly after the store opened and a friend of mine who was the manager told me about it.

I've participated in that little tradition once in a while over the years. How fun it is that I stumbled on this little gem today! Printable kindness cards to encourage others to pass your little act of kindness on! How sweet.

The kindness to our fellow man shouldn't be regulated to the holiday season. Why not buy a cup of coffee, pass along your coupons or help carry a heavy load for a stranger today?

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